About Kelsey

Hi, I’m Kelsey. I live in Frederick, Maryland with my amazing husband Justin, our beautiful daughter, Etta, Miss Betty (our dog), and Julian (our cat). We live in a 140-year-old farm house that we have made into a home for our growing family. We love to garden, renovate, and enjoy life.

I’ve been in love with photography since I was 16 years old, when my grandfather gave me my very first manual film camera. I’ve been taking photos ever since.

Documenting life with photography is part of who I am. I recognize that photography plays a huge role in capturing the most important moments; it not only captures an image, but it also captures an emotion. There is nothing more exciting than looking at a photo and seeing that I was successful in capturing that look in someone’s eyes, or the side smile that they reserve for a special someone, or a laugh that causes everyone else to laugh. These are the moments that life is made of, and I would be honored to capture those moments for you and your family.

Though photography is a big part of my life, “photographer” is not my only title. I am also a wife, a mother, a graphic designer, home re-modeler, aspiring stir-fry expert, fantasy vacation planner, and a Zumba fiend.